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First off, for those who dont know me,
Hi there, im Blitz Hedgii, im a spriter, writer and general sonic artist on DA. Im a pretty nice guy when you get to know me, and im always keen to meet new people and make new friends and aqaintances.
Find me at my page here ->  :iconxxblitz-hedgiixx:

So as the title suggests, this group is under new management by yours truly, and i intend to make changes to improve the group.
first off, we need a more inviting icon so people will be encouraged to join, im currently making one, but to anybody who has any thoughts or opinions, please feel free to voice them.

Secondly, i am opening up the group to a larger audience. Spriting does not solely consist of the Sonic Fandom, one which is slowly dying on its feet, but also of Pokemon, Naruto, Digimon and other video games and arts. So i am going to be opening up the groups gallery to Those franchises, as well as miscilaneous pixel arts and sprites which do not fall into the catergories.

Third, Im going to start clearing out the gallerys for NON SPRITE material. Ill happily make a section for pictures and drawings, but please for future reference submit those arts in the specified Folder. I am also going to be requesting alot of new art into the galleries to be featured, as well as enlisting and inviting new members. Please feel free to invite friends to join.

Finally, i am not going to be putting controversy over "Good vs Bad" Spriters.  Everybody deserves a chance to display their work, be it an Edit or a Custom; Pixel art or a Map. The main rules will be:
       - Respect each other and offer CONSTRUCTIVE critism
       - No Recolour Art
       - Only have Edits with the original piece being acredited and with permission to use.
       -Comics, Flash animations and Gifs will also be allowed.
      - Watermarks on deviations are not obligatory, and so the "protection" of work will be the responsibility of the artist, as to how many copyrights are instated.
      - Finally, we expect work to be of a decent quality, with MINIMAL "blank spaces" were possible. (nobody wants to see a sea of white, keep the sprites as neat and tidy as possible, with minimal waste space around the outside.
      - Have Fun

Hope to be hearing from you all soon, and happy spriting
- Blitz Hedgii - C.E.O. SpritingLegendz
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February 3, 2012


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